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Congratulations Lakers!

lakers celebrate

I just wanted to give a proud shout-out to the 2009 NBA Champions: the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe finally got his first ring in the post-Shaq era and it definately feels good. Though let’s not fool ourselves, this is not that big of a surprise. Ever since the Lakers lost to the Celtics last June, it’s been pretty obvious that the Lakers and a healthy Andrew Bynum would be back to settle the score. Anyways, while it was a bit anti-climatic to win on the road, it’s still a championship and the city of LA will take it! Congrats!


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From the Library #1


For about a year now, I have been making nearly weekly visits to my local public libraries. Having always believed that the library was the location of the beginning of the dreaded research paper, I originally was hesistant to the idea of frequenting a public library. Yet when I found out that there was a hefty collection of CDs available for check-out, my phobia was put aside.

Of course the argument arises over whether you are allowed to rip the CDs onto your computer or not. Well, I believe that if you can read a whole novel or text book for free, why not listen to a CD on your computer for free also?

Anyways, I’ve decided to document my unique findings here on the blog for all to enjoy and learn. I’ll give you a blurb about the album, but no review (other blogs got that covered). I primarily hope to just share what I am able to find hidden throughout the shelves and give my opinion about whether it’s worth a listen.

Here’s my grading system:

Hidden Treasure: A+

Pick It Up: Good

Needs More Time: Currently average, but may be wrong

Back to the Return Bin: Fail


1. Black Flag- Damaged

This was quite a rare find. While most of the CDs on the shelves are from this decade, LAPH was fortunate enough to get their hands on this 1981 gem, which Rolling Stone put on their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Featuring Henry Rollins on vocals, Black Flag deliver a raw, adrenaline-filled parade of So Cal punk rock on their first studio LP. The impression this album made on rock can still be heard on both coasts.

Grade: Hidden Treasure

2. Foo Fighters: Skin and Bones

Sometimes the true soul of a song, can’t be completely heard untill it’s stripped of all its distortion and studio effects. Such is the case with the Foo Fighters’ recording from their three-night stand at the Pantages Theater, in which they played all acoustic sets. It’s definately a refreshing listen after being drowned over the years from Dave Grohl’s edgy vocals and vicious riffs.

Grade: Pick It Up

 3. Conor Oberst: Conor Oberst

To be honest, I haven’t spent enough time with this record yet. Though it seems as if Oberst plays with a sense of comfort and ease. Yet, I haven’t been drawn into this album like the previous two. This will probably require a deeper listen.  

Grade: Needs More Time


Merry March!

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Bliss from the Pacific Northwest


Being a Southern California resident, I always seem to limit myself to what my surroundings offer. With the recent demise of Indie 103.1, my daily car rides have become one big snore. When I have taken the risk of listening to LA’s token “alternative” rock station, KROQ,  the same Offspring or Linkin Park song seems to always be playing. Basically, my faith in FM radio has hit rock bottom in the past few weeks.

Nevertheless, as I was searching through iTunes’ never ending collection of podcasts (seriously, there is a podcast for almost everything) today, I came across a rather intriguing music podcast from KEXP radio in Seattle.

A public radio station owned by the University of Washington, KEXP’s disc jockeys primarily broadcast independent and alternative rock, though they do not always stick to these genres. Coming from a city where hot new bands are discovered as frequently as it rains, KEXP seems to have continued Seattle’s legendary tradition of presenting mind-blowing alt rock. Featured on iTunes, are over 150 in-studio performances/interviews from an eclectic group of artists ( M.I.A., Animal Collective, Ratatat, Vampire Weekend, Battles, Michael Franti, Of Montreal…the list goes on).

I highly recommend you download as many KEXP podcasts as you heart desires and enjoy the sounds of the myth we call “good radio.”

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It’s Back!

The Blog is Up and Running…Again.




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New Kings of Leon Single- “Crawl”

This past week, Tennessee’s Kings of Leon (one of my personal favorites) put up their latest single “Crawl” on their website. Coming out with a new album, Only By The Night, on September 23rd, these Southern alt-rock mainstays are in the middle of a creative outburst. Only a year after releasing the excellent Because of the Times, these Southern rockers continued to remain at their musical apex by recording another album, which they claim is one of their greatest to date. On their first single, it sure seems like the band is on par. With a distorted bass riff (resembling that of Muse), a rough guitar lick, and arena-ready vocals from Caleb Followhill, KOL rock their new tune with full force.  After spending time opening for U2 and Pearl Jam, the band sounds more than ready to rock an arena all on their own.

Listen to “Crawl” Here:

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Judgement Day: Hancock

When formulating an equation for a summer blockbuster, it never hurts to put Will Smith in the mix. Over the years, Smith has led the summer herd with films, such as Independence Day and Men in Black I & II, that have made him “the” blockbuster actor. Along with being commercially impressive, Smith has also proved that he can shine on screen with more serious roles (i.e. Pursuit of Happyness). Yet all of these magnificent attributes just aren’t enough to save his latest flick Hancock.

As promised from the endless amount of trailers, Hancock opens up with a drunken loser that just happens to have super powers. While he always seems to get the job done, Hancock constantly leaves behind immense trails of damage, much to the city’s dislike. In a summer nearly filled to capacity with superhero movies, Hancock initially plays out as a satire of the whole genre. Most notable is the way in which director Peter Berg takes note of the amount of damage that a super being can cause from simply blasting off into the sky or quickly landing to the ground. 

The first half of Hancock continues to flourish when Jason Bateman’s PR character enters the picture. When Bateman’s character decides to help Hancock fix up his public image, a unique and enjoyable twist is brought into the film. At this point in the movie, Hancock looked to be heading in the direction of a solid A. With Hancock being a total asshole and Bateman trying to change this identity, the film was turning out to be a decent summer comedy. Unfortunately, as soon as a certain plot twist occured, the film went completely downhill. Appearing as if they couldn’t come up with any way to continue the story, the filmmakers introduced an irrelevant story arch that changed the whole tone of the film. With such a wimpy second half, I ended up leaving the theater feeling as if I had just paid for half a movie for the price of a whole one.

Grade: C 

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Judgement Day: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Indy is back and with his famous fedora still in tact. Being one of the most anticipated films of the past two decades, expectations have been high for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Though with great power comes great responsibility, meaning that Indy 4 has put itself in comparison with the rest of the excellent trilogy. Hence, if you are looking for a movie that is better than the classic Raiders of the Lost Ark look elsewhere. 

  With that put aside, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and crew truly bring the goods and deliver on Indy 4. Taking place in the 1950s, at the heart of the Cold War, Spielberg and Lucas once again brilliantly capture the time period and the fears that Americans faced. At an age of possible nuclear warfare and the possibility of unworldly powers (“hint hint”), Indiana Jones finds himself on a quest for yet another mythological object and facing another foreign opponent (the Soviets). By not overflowing the movie with CGI effects and not modernizing it that much, Indy 4 is loads of fun and still retains the feeling of a classic Indiana Jones film. Without trying to spoil the movie, there is still plenty of comic relief and exciting action sequences along with superb acting from Mr. Ford, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, and even Shia LaBeouf. Thus, Indy 4 is a winner in my books. It is immensely entertaining and leaves you with nearly complete satisfaction.

Grade: A

Now that the question of “Is Indiana Jones good?” is answered, the real question is “Iron Man or Indiana Jones?” That heavy battle is for further discussion.

One Final Note: I do realize that every movie I’ve reviewed in Judgement Day has reached an A. I’m not biased or non-critical of films, it’s just that May has really been a superb month for blockbusters, in my opinion. Luckily, for all you summer movie haters June is almost upon us, which means that You Don’t Mess with the Zohan comes out in two weeks. Oh boy, Adam Sandler is playing a secret agent turned hair stylist? 

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