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Reflecting Upon the Lakers’ Championship Parade

lakers celebrate at stadium

Some thoughts of mine after watching today’s victory parade for the Lakers:

– It’s funny how when the Lakers began to board their respective buses, the reporters played it out as if it was akin to a red carpet entrance (“What is that dress that Vanessa [Bryant] is wearing?”).

– The championship hats are pretty lackluster this year. However, where can I get one of those four ring shirts that Kobe and Fish were sporting?

– Josh Powell was hiding back! His afro could take on Ben Wallace’s fro any day.

– I was glad to see that Magic and Kareem came along on the bus ride to the Colliseum. Laker fans, both yound and old, still embrace the Laker legends more than appropriately.

– Twitter is officialy taking over the world of journalism. During the broadcast, the reporters had to be informed (via Twitter) about Phil Jackson’s whereabouts.

– While the new parade route is not the most scenic, the decision to hold the rally at the Colliseum was spot on. No way could the Orlando Magic fill up a giant football stadium on a Wednesday!

– The beginning of the rally was too stretched out. The Laker Girls can perform a routine for one song, not three!

– Having the players enter on a purple carpet through the famous peristyle arches with the roar of 95,000 fans in the background was fucking epic!

– The speeches were nice. Jordan Farmar (the hometown boy) connected to the fans, Pau snuck in a few lines of Spanish for the Latino fans, Fish had a giant smile on his face (“What’s up, LA?”), and Kobe was Kobe. Would have liked to see Lamar Odom and/or Trevor Ariza say a word or two. 

– It was Kobe’s time to shine, but I still must say Shaq is still the man when it comes to entertaining the crowd off the court.

Final Thought: At a time of recession and economic turmoil, there is not much to cheer about. Hence, it was very meaningful to see how such a diverse city, like Los Angeles, could come together for one day and find something to cheer for. It was quite inspiring to see exuberant fans running along Figueroa with the team buses and the monstrous Colliseum completely filled with purple and gold. Knowing that there is something that can bring hope and joy to such a large city, is one of the many reasons why I love sports. It’s time like these that make me proud to be an Angeleno and a Laker fan.

Here’s to a great summer and hopefully a repeat performance!

laker fans stadium


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Spring Break


You know it’s officially Spring when MTV airs its annual bro-fest: MTV Spring Break. Having recently flown on Jet Blue Airlines to- and-from New York, I had the pleasure (or curse) of watching satelite TV for five straight hours, instead of intellectually stimulating myself by reading a book. While flipping through the various channels, I found myself face to face with re-runs of MTV’s annual spring bash in Florida. Amidst the sea of sweaty bodys and fake boobs, I caught glimpse of a rarity on the station: live music. Immediately, I halted my channel surfing marathon to observe what “Music Television” had to offer musically. Unfortunately, I should have just moved on to John and Kate Plus 8.

Out of all the performannces I sat through, there were two dreaded, yet painfully addicting songs that would haunt me for the rest of my trip.

1. 3OH!3- “Don’t Trust Me” : With lyrics, such as “I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t fucking scared of him” and “Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips,” this Warped Tour hip hop/electronica duo from Colorado provide some of the weakest rhymes and choruses I’ve heard recently. Yet as much as I hate that an act can be making a profit off of such a pathetic tune, I can’t help but wanting to join the mosh-ensuing crowds that come about during the insanely catchy chorus. Now, I still can’t figure out whether it is “Don’t trust a ho” or “Don’t trust a bro?” Either way, it probably fits with the generic theme of the song.

2. Asher Roth- “I Love College” : No question here. This is definately the anthem for the hipster’s greatly despised foe, “the bro.” Coming from a white boy from the suburbs, who hopes to eventually be taken seriously as a rapper, “I Love College” can’t be a good start. Rapping over a re-tuned version of the guitar riff from Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So,” Roth depicts his version of a National Lampoon college party by rhyming beer pong with Allen Iver-SON. In all honesty, it’s a terribly repetitive song that has me counting the minutes ’till the ending. Though Roth still ends up winning this battle, thanks to his song’s ability to stick in your head, no matter the hatred you show it.

Thanks a lot MTV…

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The Whites Stripes Reunite (for Conan)

It may be old news by now, but I think it worth noting the White Stripes’ appearance on Conan O’Brien’s last Late Night show before he moved out to Burbank to replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. On hiatus since 2007 due to Meg White’s acute anxiety, the White Stripes somehow found it in them to take up Conan’s offer to play the final show; clearly a thank you for all the appearances the band made on the show throughout the years. Yet last Friday’s appearance seemed to be less of the trumphant return many pictured it to be, and rather more of a somber moment.

Playing a slowed-down version of the beautifully simplistic “We’re Going to Be Friends,” Jack and Meg seemed to convey a rather dire mood for the final show. Playing off key at times and with little enthusiasm (I’m pointing to you Meg), the White Stripes seemed to not present the same energy usually visible within the band.

I just hope this was a sign of the rust from the hiatus, and not an indicator for what may lay in store for the fate of the famous duo.  

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A Trailer Fit For Super Sunday

As you all know, yesterday was “Super Sunday.” Many are claiming that it was host to one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. While I can’t say I agree with this claim; considering I was heavily rooting for the Cardinals; I do agree that the game featured one of the most bad-ass commercials I have seen in years. No, I’m not talking about the Dorritos comercial, I’m referring to the 30 second trailer for GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

In my early years, I must admit (proudly) that I was not much into the GI Joe franchise, but rather a part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crowd. Yet after seeing this action-packed teaser for the upcoming blockbuster, I think it might be time to give Joe another shot. While most movie-snobs probably see this movie as another multi-million piece of junk from Hollywood, I can’t jump that boat. I mean seriously, this movie has cars, ninjas, and Dennis Quaid. Get me the popcorn!

Check out the teaser for yourself…

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