Super Mash Bros. : All About the Scrillions

super mash bros.

Sophomore expectations suck. While the freshman album is a clean slate with little to no hype, the sophomore effort is all about how the new work matches up with that of the previous effort. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the biggest enemy of the young mash-up duo, Super Mash Bros., is none other than themselves. It’s been a year since Dick Fink and Nicholas Fenmore hit up the DIY LA music scene with their debut album Fuck Bitches, Get Euros. A healthy mix of 90s hits and MTV rap staples, Fuck Bitches, Get Euros was an accessible record with eclectic mash-ups of recognizable tunes and non-stop genre crossovers (e.g. Blink 182 to Lil Wayne). Case in point, Super Mash Bros. proved their worth and the ability to be placed in the same category as Girl Talk.       

 A year later, after selling out The Roxy, Super Mash Bros. are back at it with All About the Scrillions. On first listen, the album doesn’t seem quite as enthralling as last year’s surprise hit. Whether it be the samples or the over-use of dirty rap over guilty pleasure pop hits, the album just doesn’t seem to stick right away. On tracks, such as “Adler Girl Pt. 2,” the formula of mashing pop and rap seems to become redundant to the point that the album as a whole may be a failure. Though I really dug and respected Fuck Bitches, Get Euros, so I decided to give the new album another listen.

With less of the mind set of a critic and more of that of a fan, I sat back and listened to the album straight through. From the opening track, “Boom Boom Pau,” which samples the intro of Van Halen’s “Right Now” to the concluding tune, which features the victorious stadium chants of “Zombie Nation,” Super Mash Bros. easily deliver the epic set ups needed for a successful dance party. Between this epic backdrop, the Bros. succeed in what they do best: pleasing the audience. With the Super Mash Bros.’ mash-ups, it doesn’t matter when the song came out and whether it was approved by Pitchfork or not, because in the end it’s all about how the songs can be reformatted to get the listener to dance their ass off. Take “Livin’ the Dream (I’m on a Float)” for example. The first half of this deep cut consists of a simple blend of Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity” and the intro to Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida;” both being songs you wouldn’t expect to be played in the midst of a wild dance mix. Though put together, the Super Mash Bros. use their magic to create a track that showcases these two tunes as perfect matches for each other. I hate to use another Girl Talk reference, but I feel I must. While Greg Gillis uses bits and bits of individual songs to create his own work, Super Mash Bros. seem to work more with their chosen material to find elaborate, yet appropriate ways to mash the tracks; a true testament to the DJ duo. Hence, while All About the Scrillions may not necessarily have the same lasting power as Fuck Bitches, Get Euros, it’s still a fun and wild album that will leave you with many “Oh no they didn’t moments!”      

Download the Album here:


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