Some Good New CDs

I got a lot of free CDs during my internship these past two weeks. However, I haven’t been able to give all of the albums equal listenings yet, due to the fact that I can’t stop listening to these two CDs during my commutes and time at home.

Passion Pit – Manners


So by now, it’s become pretty well known how Passion Pit got their start. Michael Angelakos originally created the Chunk of Change EP as a Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend, which then somehow spread throughout his college campus (that being Emerson College in Boston), and next thing you know, Manners (Passion Pit’s first full-length) is one of the most anticipated releases of 2009. You could say Passion Pit is this year’s MGMT, except for the fact that they have more than a few catchy singles to match their hype. With a high falsetto that makes high voices almost as cool as Barry White’s low tenor, Angelakos leads his fellow Boston-buddies in a debut album that definitely meets the hype. Thanks to a brilliant composition of electropop beats and colorful synth lines, Manners is not an album that preview’s a hip new band’s potential, it’s the glorious feature length. Even with the appearance of a few lackluster tracks, Manners is still a consistently entertaining album that has kept me engaged through multiple listens; whether it be due to the appearance of a children’s choir or just Michael Angelakos distinct voice: the new voice of rock.

 Other Lives – Other Lives

other lives

After seeing this upcoming band nail their opening performance for The Decemberists last week at the Palladium, I had to check out their CD. Sounding somewhere in between the likes of Radiohead and The Decemberists, Other Lives could best be classified as indie-folk rock with a classical influence. Additionally, coming from Oklahoma, there is also a Midwestern edge to the band’s music that gives it that extra spin. Amid the beautiful orchestrations and lead singer Jesse Tabish’s expressive vocals, Other Lives’ debut album is able to convey both heartbreaking and uplifting emotions throughout the course of the tunes. The final result is one of the most eloquent album I’ve heard in a while and a shoe-in for my “Best of 2009” list.


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